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We’re opening the doors to our office to show you how we are styling our favorite shoes for work.


Our office may be pretty casual, but Aaron, a Product Coordinator here for the last two years, really knows how to make casual look snazzy. This sports fanatic, sneaker collector, and style aficionado somehow manages to show up at his desk early every morning looking ready for a photo shoot, so we finally put him in front of a camera.

When it’s not Tie Wednesday—Aaron’s invented weekly dress code that no one else in the office seems to have gotten the memo about—he is usually sporting the classics in an array of fun colors and prints. On this particular day, though, he looked yacht-ready in solid neutrals, pairing the Hunley moccasin with a clean dress shirt, Saturdays NYC® hoodie, and pair of Dockers® Alpha Khakis he claims to have borrowed from Tom Brady. Nice try, Aaron, but no tailor is that good. Get to know a little more about this comedian.



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Get to know some of the very stylish people in the world of UGG® and see how they’re rocking their favorite spring styles at the office.


This bohemian beauty started as an intern here three years ago after moving from Oregon. Now that she’s the coordinator for our loungewear and apparel, it makes sense that she puts comfort first while exuding that effortless Pacific Northwestern style we can’t help but envy. Lately she’s been roaming the office in the SoCal Collection’s Rella, pairing these Classic-Mini-inspired boots with cute overalls and a hat only she could pull off. But a few things about her might surprise you…




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Remember when summer was an escape from the everyday routine? Newsflash: it still can be. Although the season no longer means months away from school and all your regular responsibilities, you do have weekends, and those vacation days aren’t going to use themselves. So there’s no excuse not to get away and have an adventure.


Whether you’re dancing away at Outside Lands, heading to the Hamptons to feel the sand between your toes, running with the bulls in Spain, taking a spontaneous road trip, or just hosting an impromptu backyard barbecue, make sure you’re in good company and rocking escapade-ready shoes that can handle whatever happens next. With lightweight technology, natural materials, and famed UGG® comfort, this season’s styles have you covered. Get ready for the moments that make summer so great.




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The Fouquets are part of impressive genealogy that can trace its roots back to 17th century France and King Louis XIV’s Super Intendant of Finances, Nicolas Fouquet, who was the first in this extraordinary family to make a name for himself in fashion. And though the days at Versailles are gone, it’s clear that this stylish family still has a certain je ne sais quoi.


Current Fouquet patriarch and ruggedly debonair model Bernard has graced the pages of almost every major fashion magazine. And, as you can see from our spring shoot, he has passed down his model good looks and artistic fashion sense to his children, Anouk, GiGi, Cielle, and especially Nick.

It takes a certain kind of person to pull off a hat. But Nick does more than just sport dapper chapeaus; he’s actually the craftsman behind them. One of only 300 hatmakers in the world, he uses sustainably harvested materials to fashion custom, handmade hats for a star-studded list of clientele, which includes Pharrell and Diane Keaton, from his workshop in Venice, CA.


How does that adage go? Ah, yes. Behind every great man there’s a great woman. When talking about Kassia Meador, Nick’s girlfriend, you can’t overemphasize “great.” Kassi, as her friends call her, seems to have done it all. When she’s not in the ocean, this pro surfer works as a stunt double, designs wetsuits, shows her photography in galleries, and travels the world with Nick. With her contagious energy and brilliant passion, it’s no wonder she’s been welcomed to the Fouquet family with open arms.

But despite all the traveling, modeling, designing, hatmaking, surfing, and world dominating, this tight knit family works to inspire each other every day. And it’s the carefree moments spent together that fuel their creative spirits.







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Welcome to our world. Get to know some of the awesome people behind your favorite shoes, and see how we wear our UGG® shoes to work.



Allow us to introduce Manny. This designer has spent the last six years creating some of our all-time favorite shoes. When he’s not dressing our feet, he’s helping to move them as good times specialist DJ Magneto. In addition to turntables and dance floors all over Santa Barbara, Manny has been rocking the Chester this season, pairing it with the basics, like a classic Levi’s jacket, and more playful—but just as timeless—camouflage prints.