Celebrating 35 years

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2013 is a special year for us here at UGG. It marks 35 years of UGG heritage. Rooted in 70s surf culture, the Classic boot arrived on the beaches of Southern California way back in 1978. In the 35 years since, UGG has continued to make premium sheepskin boots with the highest quality craftsmanship and finest materials available – celebrating the tradition and heritage of the original boot.


Wilderness Collective | Part 2

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A few weeks back we shared snapshots of our Channel Islands sailing adventure with the famed Wilderness Collective crew. As a follow-up to our first post, we’ve captured the 3-day, 60-mile trek on film. From Scorpion Anchorage to Yellowbanks these guys surfed the swell, hiked Anacapa Island’s legendary trails and got thisclose to native marine life. We swear – you can almost feel the spray from the trimaran. Almost.

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For Gamechangers: The Backstory

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For those of you who don’t want to be privy to the details of our Tom Brady spot, and would like to figure out the stories on your own, stop reading and hit play. For the rest of you – read on for the inside scoop.

“For Gamechangers” chronicles Tom Brady’s journey from high school athlete to Super Bowl-winning NFL player. Highlighting game changing moments throughout his career, the spot starts at Junipero Serra High School, moves into the University of Michigan locker room, through the 1999 draft and the media craze of his Super Bowl Championship, and ends outside the stadium on game day.

While you may be familiar with Tom’s story, did you know:

• The actual commercial was shot on a custom-built 175-foot set on a sound stage in Los Angeles, which took almost two full weeks to design, fabricate, and erect.

• The team bus is one of Tom’s favorite places to be. He explains, “There’s a sense of camaraderie you can’t find anywhere else.”

• Tom was drafted by the Expos out of high school in the 1995 MLB draft but chose football instead.

• The quote above the locker room door, “Those who stay will be champions” came via legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler and inspired Tom to remain a Wolverine. The sign lives in the Michigan locker room.

• Tom was chosen in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft with the #199th pick.

• Great attention was paid to detail and authenticity in the spot.  From using era-specific Junipero Serra football jerseys and baseball uniforms as well as University of Michigan helmets, to the depiction of Mr. and Mrs. Brady’s 1990’s era living room.

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