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This Mother’s Day we thought we’d better ask the experts. We consulted modernday Moms at UGG about their must-have styles for life on the go. They curated a special Mothers Day Gift Guide of handpicked favorites. Take a peek.

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in full bloom

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We enlisted painter/designer blogger extraordinaire Alisa Burke to bring our color-happy Spring ’14 line to life, capturing all things bright, bold and beautiful. Alisa readily shared her top five favorite tips for finding inspiration – from snap-happy photography, to ever-watchful treasure hunting and taking the road less traveled by walking instead of driving. With her adventure chasing, walk-everywhere lifestyle, we couldn’t help but outfit Alisa with some of our comfiest kicks around. See where our latest spring styles took her >



I am really excited to announce my partnership with the Creative Council by UGG Australia. I will be collaborating with UGG over the next few months – interpreting their color focused Spring 2014 line, bringing it to life and putting my own creative spin on their inspiration.



To kick off my partnership with the Creative Council, today I am sharing my top five favorite tips for finding inspiration! Inspiration is the most important part of my creative process. Without excitement, joy and understanding of what it means to look for inspiration, you run the risk of losing motivation to keep up a creative routine. My goal as an artist is to stay offline when looking for ideas. I want my work to be authentic and speak to my daily experiences and the only way for me to do this is by seeking inspiration in everyday moments and in the things around me.

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1. CARRY A CAMERA EVERYWHERE: One of the most important things I do is carry a camera everywhere I go. I make sure I always have a way to capture the things that catch my eye. From the farmers market to my neighborhood to my daily walk on the beach, I am always on the look out for things that inspire and can be captured in a photo. The result is a library of thousands of photos that I pull from when I sit down to draw, paint, craft and come up with tutorials and classes. Taking photos has become such an essential part of my creative process that I cannot survive without a camera these days.



2. HUNT AND GATHER: I’ve always been a treasure hunter- from beach combing to picking flowers to looking for leaves and stones on the ground, I love finding things that catch my eye. And now that I am a mom, this ritual of hunting and gathering has become one of the special ways that I can inspire and connect with my daughter Lucy. All of the things we find are put to use as inspiration or get transformed into art and craft projects.



3. WALK WHEN POSSIBLE: This is an incredibly simple concept – choosing to walk instead of driving – but this concept has changed my life and the way I gather inspiration. While I don’t have lots of free time I do make a point to go for walks. We live in a small town and many things are within walking distance so while it would be much quicker to jump in the car to go to the store, I try to walk instead. Often it is during these walks that I find myself feeling most inspired and connected with my life, creativity and ideas.



4. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY: I am a big believer in having things around me that inspire and keep the creative juices flowing. I like to fill my studio with flowers, decorate with color pattern and texture and create inspiration boards when I am working on projects. My hope is that surrounding myself with beauty will influence my work and spark unique ideas.


UGG-creative-council-Alisa-Burke-post_08 UGG-creative-council-Alisa-Burke-post_09 UGG-creative-council-Alisa-Burke-post_10

5. PERMISSION TO PLAY: While I love going out looking for inspiration, I have also discovered that staying in the studio and “playing” is just as valuable. When I need ideas one of the first things I do is pull out my supplies and have fun! I don’t get caught up in creating anything specific instead I give myself permission to just mess around- I splatter, I blend, I finger paint, I scribble. Whether I am painting, drawing or sewing, I know that this process helps me explore and discover new ideas.



Don’t forget to check back for Alisa’s next project – handcrafted Mother’s day cards

Take on the week,
one color at a time.

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What you put on in the morning speaks volumes. Especially when it comes to color. For all of you color-shy creatures of habit, it’s time to shed your “signature shade” and mix things up. Spring is really just nature’s way of saying, “Bring on the brights!” Embrace it. Feeling fiery today? Go for a bold crimson hue. Find yourself in a more mellow mood? A cool blue is for you. The bold bursts of color in our Spring 2014 Line are just the thing to express your individuality, not to mention the perfect way to punctuate an otherwise monochromatic ensemble (*you know who you are).

Seeking spring color cues? Check out our Pinterest board this week. We’ll be taking a tour through the color wheel, and every day will spotlight a brand new hue inspired by our Spring Collection.

Got a color crush? Tag your photos with #OneColorDay and post on Instagram or Twitter to share whatever catches your eye based on our color schedule.

Monday 4/21: Neutral
Tuesday 4/22: Pink
Wednesday 4/23: Red
Thursday 4/24: Green
Friday 4/25: Blue

Your snapshots will be added to our “One Color Days” Pinterest board, to inspire all the other color enthusiasts out there. And of course to inspire those color-shy folk that need a little nudge in the right direction.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for color cues and updates.




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As we pack our bags for Coachella, we thought it was only fair to fill you in on our must-have festival favorites. Check out our packing guide and follow us throughout the weekend @UGGAustralia to get an inside peek inside the UGG Style Haven where we’ll be hanging with music fest mavens Trop RougeScout SixteenThat Madonna Girl and Tucked Style. Still frantically searching for a ticket? We’re giving away two tickets to one lucky winner.  See you in the desert, music fans.

UGG-Coachella-2014-postt_01 UGG-Coachella-2014-postt_02UGG-Coachella-2014-postt_03UGG-Coachella-2014-postt_04