A Landmark & A Mission Tour Recap

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Well, it’s official. The Mobile Library has had its inaugural tour! Special thanks to Ugg Australia’s Creative Council and Christopher Jobson from ThisIsColossal.com for helping to make this happen.

We set out early Friday morning to make sure we arrived in time for our 6pm show in Pittsburgh. After securing a parking spot in front of Assemble that was four car lengths long, we started the first ever set up on the Mobile Library!



Curious eyes peered in at us as we opened for the first time. After a fun, yet extremely cold night in Pittsburgh, we ended up checking out 358 books! Everything went off perfectly.



The next morning we headed northwest to Ann Arbor. After a 5 hour drive we managed to arrive at RoosRoast with 45 mins to spare. We got the library open and we were ready to roll at 4pm.



We happened to be in Ann Arbor on a warm day. It was a beautiful 54 degrees while the sun was up. Once it set, it got pretty nippy. We had a fire going inside and coffee in hand, though. It was an amazing night. Chris from Colossal also stopped by. We met his wife and his kid. Good times were had by all.



On Sunday morning, we left at 7am so we could make it to Cleveland for the 12pm show. We were stationed right in the park in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Many people thought we were a food truck, until closer exploration.



It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. People were sitting out in the grass and the benches reading through sketchbooks. It got us excited about the summer to come with the Mobile Library. We can’t wait!



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