Wilderness Collective | Part 2

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A few weeks back we shared snapshots of our Channel Islands sailing adventure with the famed Wilderness Collective crew. As a follow-up to our first post, we’ve captured the 3-day, 60-mile trek on film. From Scorpion Anchorage to Yellowbanks these guys surfed the swell, hiked Anacapa Island’s legendary trails and got thisclose to native marine life. We swear – you can almost feel the spray from the trimaran. Almost.

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Wilderness Collective

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A few weeks back we partnered with Wilderness Collective, a group of uber masculine dudes spearheaded by the incredible Steve Dubbeldam (to learn how awesome Steve really is, check out Steve’s interview). We sent one lucky contest winner and one of our thrill-seeking team members on a 3 day, 60 mile sailing trip to the Channel Islands, located just off the coast of Southern California. Whether it was navigating the Pacific Ocean by trimaran, surfing some of the most coveted breaks on the West Coast, or hiking Anacapa Island’s legendary trails – these guys embarked on a test of character, courage, and of course, manhood.  All we have to say is that we’re insanely jealous.


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Cactus to clouds

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A few weeks back one of our outdoorsy, Cub Scout-ish wilderness-loving employees grabbed a pair of Capulin boots and took ‘em for a test drive in the high desert – namely, the ominous Mount San Jacinto. Armed with merely a headlamp, compass, knife, food and water he climbed the picturesque granite peak, reaching over 10,000 feet above sea level (In 103˚ degree temps. True story). 12 hours, 23 miles and 37 gummy bears later he reached the top. Lucky for us he took a few snapshots.

*Side note: if a 23-mile hike through the blazing wilderness isn’t really your scene, there’s also an aerial tramway that’ll take you to the top.





UGG at Coachella

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Style Haven

This past weekend we ventured to the desert and hooked up with StyleCaster to kick off Coachella at the UGG StyleHaven house amidst a mélange of industry insiders. Heating things up on the turntables was “It Girl” Chelsea Leyland. The UK transplant and resident music maven gave us the inside scoop on her music fest essentials.



Chelsea’s essentials:

  • Don’t miss: Jurassic 5, Disclosure, The Stone Roses, Blur, Wu Tang, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Theophilius London, Jamie xx, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • Bring hat – it’s always hot, seriously.
  • Drink TONS of water
  • Bring a charger – EVERYWHERE or you’re out of luck – and lost.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. There are too many people here who take themselves too seriously. They’re worried about the clothes they’re wearing rather then the music that’s playing. I’m English and I grew up going to festivals and there it was all about getting muddy and living in the music. Come enjoy Coachella and enjoy the music.

Style Haven Highlights

The Lucianna

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The Lucianna

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The Wilton

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Get festival ready:

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