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We enlisted painter/designer blogger extraordinaire Alisa Burke to bring our color-happy Spring ’14 line to life, capturing all things bright, bold and beautiful. Alisa readily shared her top five favorite tips for finding inspiration – from snap-happy photography, to ever-watchful treasure hunting and taking the road less traveled by walking instead of driving. With her adventure chasing, walk-everywhere lifestyle, we couldn’t help but outfit Alisa with some of our comfiest kicks around. See where our latest spring styles took her >



I am really excited to announce my partnership with the Creative Council by UGG Australia. I will be collaborating with UGG over the next few months – interpreting their color focused Spring 2014 line, bringing it to life and putting my own creative spin on their inspiration.



To kick off my partnership with the Creative Council, today I am sharing my top five favorite tips for finding inspiration! Inspiration is the most important part of my creative process. Without excitement, joy and understanding of what it means to look for inspiration, you run the risk of losing motivation to keep up a creative routine. My goal as an artist is to stay offline when looking for ideas. I want my work to be authentic and speak to my daily experiences and the only way for me to do this is by seeking inspiration in everyday moments and in the things around me.

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1. CARRY A CAMERA EVERYWHERE: One of the most important things I do is carry a camera everywhere I go. I make sure I always have a way to capture the things that catch my eye. From the farmers market to my neighborhood to my daily walk on the beach, I am always on the look out for things that inspire and can be captured in a photo. The result is a library of thousands of photos that I pull from when I sit down to draw, paint, craft and come up with tutorials and classes. Taking photos has become such an essential part of my creative process that I cannot survive without a camera these days.



2. HUNT AND GATHER: I’ve always been a treasure hunter- from beach combing to picking flowers to looking for leaves and stones on the ground, I love finding things that catch my eye. And now that I am a mom, this ritual of hunting and gathering has become one of the special ways that I can inspire and connect with my daughter Lucy. All of the things we find are put to use as inspiration or get transformed into art and craft projects.



3. WALK WHEN POSSIBLE: This is an incredibly simple concept – choosing to walk instead of driving – but this concept has changed my life and the way I gather inspiration. While I don’t have lots of free time I do make a point to go for walks. We live in a small town and many things are within walking distance so while it would be much quicker to jump in the car to go to the store, I try to walk instead. Often it is during these walks that I find myself feeling most inspired and connected with my life, creativity and ideas.



4. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY: I am a big believer in having things around me that inspire and keep the creative juices flowing. I like to fill my studio with flowers, decorate with color pattern and texture and create inspiration boards when I am working on projects. My hope is that surrounding myself with beauty will influence my work and spark unique ideas.


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5. PERMISSION TO PLAY: While I love going out looking for inspiration, I have also discovered that staying in the studio and “playing” is just as valuable. When I need ideas one of the first things I do is pull out my supplies and have fun! I don’t get caught up in creating anything specific instead I give myself permission to just mess around- I splatter, I blend, I finger paint, I scribble. Whether I am painting, drawing or sewing, I know that this process helps me explore and discover new ideas.



Don’t forget to check back for Alisa’s next project – handcrafted Mother’s day cards

Fireside Favorites

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If you ask us, there’s nothing better than curling up fireside during the holidays. Our hibernation must-haves? A massive mug of hot cocoa and a pair of cozy UGG classics. Before hankering down by the hearth, check out Creative Council contributor Geri Hirsch’s hot cocoa recipe. Skip step 3 to conjure up childhood memories of Christmas past, or try it spiked – ’cause baby it’s cold outside.



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– Spiked Hot Chocolate –


4 oz. premium milk chocolate, finely chopped
2 cups milk (of your choice, thicker the better)
2 tbsp. sugar
2 oz. bourbon


1. In a saucepan over medium heat, add milk and sugar. Heat until scalding.
2. Remove from heat and stir in chopped chocolate until completely melted.
3. Add 2 oz. bourbon.
4. Pour into a mug, top with marshmallows and chopped chocolate bits. Enjoy!

the creative council: fall ’13

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Here at UGG we’re continually seeking new sources of inspiration. As luck would have it, we recently stumbled across a few awesome individuals embarking on noteworthy endeavors. These folks have talent to spare and we’ve partnered with them to share their buzz-worthy work. Meet our newest inspiration, or as they’re known around these parts: The Creative Council. Keep an eye out for their upcoming projects.


NAME: Geri Hirsch
TWITTER HANDLE: @gerihirsch

MINI BIO: A Los Angeles native, Geri Hirsch started blogging in 2005 about fashion, music, food, and the arts while working in finance. Her passion has since transformed into a full time job and slew of opportunities and business endeavors, including a clothing line and Geri is passionate about sharing and consuming information; beautiful imagery, videos and gifs, and loves disruptive technologies like Instagram and Pinterest.



NAMES: Eric Bach, Taylor Filasky & John Post
TWITTER HANDLE: @modern_gypsies

MINI BIO: Three friends were inspired to create the Modern Gypsies after several years of extensive travel together.  Their goal is to complete a series of “compassionate adventures” as they call them, where they push themselves physically, but most importantly highlight the many faces and stories of people working to change the world. It is their hope to inspire individuals to explore both themselves and the world around them, awakening the compassionate adventurer in us all.



NAME: Sam Horine… Samuel Arthur Horine IV to be exact.
TWITTER HANDLE: @samhorine

MINI BIO: Sam is a photographer and educator based in New York City. He’s a regular explorer of forgotten, abandoned and under-appreciated places as well as a contributor of NY Magazine, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and Gothamist. He also serves as an adjunct instructor at NYU, where he teaches classes on digital photography.




NAME: Zeph Colombatto

MINI BIO: In the past year, Zeph Colombatto realized his passion of photography and all that pertains to lensmanship. He loves all aspects of photography and aims to emulate those that have influenced his knowledge of the field – from Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovits, Bruce Weber, and Tim Heatherington, to John Milich, his father.

Zeph’s blog is an extension of whatever adventure he’s currently on. His world extends between the three coasts of home (Hawaii, California, and New York), the world of menswear, fashion, traveling, building relationships and meeting new faces.




NAME: Keiko Lynn
TWITTER HANDLE: @keikolynn

MINI BIO: South Florida gal turned Brooklynite, Keiko Lynn lives and works in Park Slope, NY. A blogger/designer/entrepreneur triple threat, she’s always looking for adventure – her favorite way to appreciate city life without getting restless. Keiko has a passion for giving back to the community and she creates on a daily basis, be it clothing, makeup artistry, or writing. Her friends joke that she’s always surrounded by woodland creatures, but she has yet to figure out how to make them house-friendly.