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Get to know some of the very stylish people in the world of UGG® and see how they’re rocking their favorite spring styles at the office.


This bohemian beauty started as an intern here three years ago after moving from Oregon. Now that she’s the coordinator for our loungewear and apparel, it makes sense that she puts comfort first while exuding that effortless Pacific Northwestern style we can’t help but envy. Lately she’s been roaming the office in the SoCal Collection’s Rella, pairing these Classic-Mini-inspired boots with cute overalls and a hat only she could pull off. But a few things about her might surprise you…




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Welcome to our world. Get to know some of the awesome people behind your favorite shoes, and see how we wear our UGG® shoes to work.



Allow us to introduce Manny. This designer has spent the last six years creating some of our all-time favorite shoes. When he’s not dressing our feet, he’s helping to move them as good times specialist DJ Magneto. In addition to turntables and dance floors all over Santa Barbara, Manny has been rocking the Chester this season, pairing it with the basics, like a classic Levi’s jacket, and more playful—but just as timeless—camouflage prints.




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Just north of Santa Barbara and a 10-minute walk to the nearest beach, our headquarters is anything but your typical office. With few walls—most of which are just giant windows—our workspace is open concept, fostering collaboration and making us a pretty tight-knit family. Now we thought we’d open the place up to you. Enjoy a glimpse at the awesome and very stylish people who chose the UGG life…or did the UGG life choose them?


Meet Joharrrah, aka Jo, who started here just over 5 years ago. Now our Product Line Manager for Classic Boots, she’s the mastermind behind all the versions of everyone’s favorite iconic style. This season, she’s favoring the Selene boot and playing up its nautical flair with a striped tee, navy J.Crew blazer, and distressed skinnies. Learn more about this shoe biz professional.



Meet Jack Guinness

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If Jack Guinness so desired, he could hit a different party every night. Judging by the reports in the press, the British model, DJ and columnist – recognizable by his trademark beard, dapper style and sharp wit – sometimes does just that. Often seen out and about with an arm slung around one famous friend or other, having the time of his life, he documents his escapades in his online diary.

It’s away from the flashbulbs, though, that the real Guinness emerges – where, as he says, “there’s no one to impress,” only an inner circle of we-go-way-back friends. The fun happens around Jack’s Bar, which sits front and center in his East London apartment. “It might sound like a weird idea, but it’s one of my better ones,” grins Guinness. “It’s become a big part of any night for me and my friends. When Jack’s Bar opens, that’s where friendships flourish.” Indeed – these are the moments when Guinness really relaxes, loosens his tie and settles in for what we all know is the best part of any night. “It’s just us, setting the world to rights, playing our favorite songs on repeat,” he enthuses. “I’m spending time with my favorite people in the world. What could be better than that?” Not much.

Jack Guinness

Jack Guinness





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Summer Resolutions: Socialize

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Have you noticed that everyone seems a little happier lately? A little more eager to celebrate any and every occasion? You can thank the sun. The summer heat brings out the best in people, socially speaking – it’s a meteorological fact. Take advantage of the trend by ditching your devices to spend some actual face time with friends. Your Instagram will thank you later.

If you’re searching for outdoor activities, start in your own backyard. Summer is chock-full of local fairs and festivals. Assemble a group and savor the unique qualities of the city you call home. Here in Santa Barbara, you can’t go wrong with our signature wine, food, and cultural events – and we never miss the annual Sandcastle Festival!

For an extra memorable gathering of your own, host an ice cream social. We recommend churning a homemade batch or two, to give it that homespun touch. For a recipe that’s guaranteed to please, check out The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. Encourage your friends to bring their best toppings and favorite friends so you can meet, greet, and treat all at the same time.

Summer is also an ideal time to try your hand at a new, old, or long forgotten sport. Dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, and bocce are amongst the many leagues that pop up during this cheery season. Don’t worry about your athletic level – most leagues are more concerned with the post-game cocktails than the score. Speaking of summer cocktails, here’s one called the Porch Swing from one of our favorite cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen. It’s light, refreshing, and easy to make in large batches for the whole team.

When you’re on your feet socializing all day, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes or two. We like to wear our Brias during the day and keep a back-up pair of evening shoes in the car, like the super-elegant D’Alessios , just in case.

Pass the challenge to friends and family and start making plans with your socialize partner in crime. Then show us what you did by tagging #SummerResolutions on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.