Fall ’14 Seasonal Inspiration | Part 4

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To the naked eye, the tweed that punctuates our Fall ’14 line looks like your traditional, menswear inspired textile. Well, it just so happens that there’s a backstory. Literally.  This fall we took a page from best-loved books.  We created a collection inspired by the characters, settings and eras that captured our hearts.  Betwixt the pages of these great adventures we pulled inspiration for textiles, prints, hues, and embellishments.

Channeling a collegiate prep school vibe, this season’s Woolrich tweed was inspired by The Catcher in the Rye, which takes place in NYC in the 1940s.  The novel is rife with old-world articles and traditional textiles like wool, tweed and twill.  Classic East Coast prep school colors combine with rich, burnished leather for a look that’s classic, yet modern.  Point in fact?  Our rich, full-grain leather used in the Brompton Tweed boot was directly inspired by the main character’s well-worn leather book bag.  We told you there was a backstory.


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Fall ’14 Seasonal Inspiration (part 3)

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For Fall ’14 inspiration we looked to our most beloved books, and the muses kindly smiled on us. Just take a look at the Charlotte bootie. A meditation on Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice transported us to the nineteenth-century English countryside and resulted in an ankle boot with equal parts sense and style. Inspired by the ornate equestrian gear of the period, the Charlotte ankle bootie features burnished leather and whipstitch detailing along with a hand-finished heel and antiqued metal pull. And in case there’s any doubt of this boot’s literary influences, we included a feather quill printed on the sole to reveal some true character. Start a love story when you step into these chic ankle boots and take pride in a new classic.


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Redefine Happy Hour

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No hour of the day is more universally loved more than Happy Hour. The mere mention of it conjures notions of half-priced appetizers and fancy drinks with mini umbrellas. But if you take a deeper dive into what Happy Hour really is, you’ll find more often than not it’s a time-out from the stress of work, and it usually involves a social gathering of some sort accompanied by playful banter amongst friends. If you think about it, Happy Hour can pretty much take place anywhere, anytime of day, as long as you’re sharing it with the right folks.

Langley Fox Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has her own take on Happy Hour. For Langley, the happiest hour of the day may be catching up at her favorite diner, checking out a new art exhibit or simply taking a stroll on a rainy day. With Musician Z Berg and Amelia Rynkowska by her side, a little rain can’t dampen the fun for these free spirits. They know Happy Hour lives in moments when we can truly be ourselves.

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Meet Hanneli Mustaparta

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Keeping up with Hanneli Mustaparta would pose a challenge for even the most organized person. The New York-based photographer, blogger and model zigzags across the world attending fashion shows and meetings with glossy magazine editors in the most glamorous of locations. “So much of my life is a race,” she explains. “Everything moves so fast.”

Indeed—in the digital world, where Mustaparta has over 150,000 followers on Instagram to satisfy—constant updates are her lifeblood. For Mustaparta, though, time away from screens, clicks and likes is essential to keep her energy up. Born and raised in Norway, where fjords, mountains and elk are familiar sights, she still loves to get lost in nature. “Sometimes I have to make time for me,” she says. “I go somewhere peaceful, where the noise of the city seems far away.” There’s little sign that she’s likely to give it all up and move to a country cottage, however. Mustaparta sees the city and the country as two sides of the same coin. “It’s in these still, private moments that I have time to let my shoulders down and make my connections to the world tangible,” she says. “Then I’m ready for those big moments back in the city—whatever they might be.” The exact nature of those moments may be a mystery for now, but there’s no doubt that there are many more of them still to come.

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Tom Brady Calls a Time-Out

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In sports, taking a time-out is a way to catch your breath or devise a new strategy. The same applies to life. Unfortunately, a time out away from everyday obligations is too often put on the backburner. Daily errands, social commitments, and the 9-5 grind has a way of eating up the day. Which makes the moments when you can get away, clear your head, and catch your breath, that much more valuable.

For star quarterback Tom Brady, it’s easy to assume his biggest moments happen on the field, when millions of fans are watching. But often, Tom’s most cherished moments aren’t measured in first downs. They unfold off the field, away from the stadium lights. Sometimes, after the touchdown passes and bright lights of press conferences, Tom calls a time out of his own. He takes it off the gridiron and onto the green to join his Dad in a round of golf. He and his father had a tradition of hitting the links every weekend from the time he was in grade school up until he left for college. It was on the golf course that he learned many of the life lessons that shaped who he is today.

In the ever-evolving game we call life, we only get so many time-outs. They don’t come around as often as they should. And one thing’s for certain,  you’ll never wish you’d spent them at the office. So take a time-out the next time you get the opportunity. These are the moments you’ll remember. This is what life’s all about.