Meet Langley Fox Hemingway

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When you’re 22, staying out all-night is part of your DNA. But for Langley Fox Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, pulling an all-nighter has a completely different meaning. An illustrator of the finest order, the creativity running through her veins comes out on the sketchpad. She works as an artist and illustrator, covering the walls of boutiques and pages of fashion magazines with her delicate pencil drawings. “The only thing I have patience for is drawing,” she says. And it shows.

Langley Fox

Producing such magical sketches takes dedication; something Hemingway has a wealth of – sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. Working on her drawings can be so absorbing that she often loses track of time, completely caught up in the moment. As a visual storyteller, this creative force allows her to redefine the all-nighter, and connect with her sketchpad, charcoal and watercolors deep into the night.

Langley Fox

At our shoot we got a window into Langley’s private world. We saw an artist in her element, completely at ease. We’re brining a glimpse of that world to you. Langley looped us in on life as a Hemingway, what inspires her, and her fashion must-haves. Plus, between takes Langley sketched a few fashion illustrations capturing two of our favorite fall boots style – the Finney and Dandylion.



Langley Fox

Q&A with Langley:

What inspired you to team up with UGG?
I have admired the UGG Australia brand for a long time and used to wear the short classics in middle school so they have always been with me!  I think we have a mutual understanding about what style and comfort should mean to people.

What is your UGG moment about?
My moment is all about creativity and spontaneous bursts of passion for what you truly enjoy doing in life. In the campaign, you will see me pulling an all-nighter, completely engrossed in my illustrations

When did you start drawing?
I’ve always drawn – my parents used to give me pens and pencils as a child, but it was only as I grew older I realized I was good at it.

What drew you to illustration?
When I got to about 15/16 I actually realized that I was good at drawing – and then it was at that age I also realized I could make a career out of doing it – something that I loved.

Can you remember your first pair of UGGs?
Yes – my classics! We all used to wear them when we were younger. Now I wear the fashion styles more – I love them.

How would you describe your style?
Quite eclectic. I like to mix and match but also choose what works for my shape. I have always thought style is a very personal thing.  I take inspiration mostly from art, literature, the music scene; anything which is creative and can have a story of its own.  I don’t think conforming to a certain style is right for anyone – it should be about freedom.

What is your staple wardrobe must have?
Anything black – and a good pair of UGG boots!

What was it like to grow up as a Hemingway?
It’s always been an honor to be a Hemingway – something that’s always been there, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve really come to appreciate it more.

In what way does your great-grandfather’s work inspire you?
It is so awe-inspiring sometimes, to think what he achieved. I would say if I can be half as successful, I will be happy.