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Comfort is what we do best. And now we’re doing it even better. Enter: Treadlite by UGG™. This incredibly lightweight outsole offers increased cushioning, traction, durability, and flexibility. The result? Our most comfortable footwear yet. Now that’s saying something.

To shed some light on our newest innovation we sat down with Director of Men’s Footwear, Patrick Armitage, and SVP of Innovation & Product Development, Stuart Jenkins. Read on to discover the thinking behind this revolutionary new outsole.



When you slip into Treadlite shoes, the first thing you notice is how light they are. How were you able to create a lighter shoe without sacrificing quality?

Patrick: Even as far back as 5 years ago, there was the perception that if a casual shoe was lightweight, it meant it was cheap. That market perception has changed. This innovation is a game changer.

Stuart: Traditionally, adding cushion and durability, it meant adding weight. Treadlite flips this tradition entirely. Most rubber is really heavy. Treadlite is the first technology that provides wonderful cushioning. Why would you add rubber to the bottom of your shoes? It weights you down, reduces flexibility and maneuverability.


Treadlite features a one-of-a-kind cushioning compound. Is it foam? Rubber? A mix of both?

Stuart: It’s a foam. But “foam” isn’t very technical or sexy,  so I’d say it’s a proprietary technology to UGG®. The ingredients in that foam are a part of a secret recipe that even we don’t know and don’t want to know. Our vendors call it the secret formula. It has foam and other ingredients, including an elastic rubber.





We’ve heard the term “packing out” in reference to outsole degradation. What does that term imply?

Stuart: When you first wear your shoes, they have 100% cushioning. In the running shoe industry, the shoe “packs out” after about 300 miles, meaning that the foam has taken so much abuse that it doesn’t provide as much cushioning.

Treadlite doesn’t “pack out,” which means it can sustain a bouncier ride and has the ability to cushion longer than other foams traditionally used.




How do we convey that this technology really does feel different?

Patrick: Nobody can define cushion and nobody can define comfort, but when you try Treadlite on, you’ll know.


Is Treadlite the lightest footwear UGG has ever produced?

Patrick: Absolutely. The Fathom Collection with Treadlite is the lightest footwear we’ve produced to date. Stuart: We had to put leather on the shoe to keep it from flying away.


What inspires you and how do you inspire your team?

Stuart: If our team isn’t creative, we’ve got the wrong people. Our job is to facilitate their ideas. All ideas are encouraged. Inspiration is found everywhere.







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Just north of Santa Barbara and a 10-minute walk to the nearest beach, our headquarters is anything but your typical office. With few walls—most of which are just giant windows—our workspace is open concept, fostering collaboration and making us a pretty tight-knit family. Now we thought we’d open the place up to you. Enjoy a glimpse at the awesome and very stylish people who chose the UGG life…or did the UGG life choose them?


Meet Joharrrah, aka Jo, who started here just over 5 years ago. Now our Product Line Manager for Classic Boots, she’s the mastermind behind all the versions of everyone’s favorite iconic style. This season, she’s favoring the Selene boot and playing up its nautical flair with a striped tee, navy J.Crew blazer, and distressed skinnies. Learn more about this shoe biz professional.




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Tastemaker and style authority Marcus Troy collaborated with us for a recent editorial on his lifestyle blog Marcus styled the Chester Perf and Chester Woven, two low profile mocs that feature our interchangeable Twinsole™ technology.

The kicker? Marcus invited his twin brother along to showcase how the Chester’s classic loafer silhouette complements their signature street-ready style, and how Twinsole inserts give one great looking shoe two unique personalities.


Suave and debonair, these loafer-slipper hybrids take comfort to a classy new level with interchangeable insoles of soft leather and plush wool. In a word, Twinsole makes it easy for anyone to personalize their UGG experience and expand their comfort zone.

Customizable comfort and effortlessly cool style? Now that’s a twin win.




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Getting lost at sea isn’t always a bad thing. Just ask Andrew Cooper, who grew up sailing around the world with his father. Together they’d set off from their native England at every chance they got. “For me sailing is just an adventure,” he says. “You can just kind of pack up and go wherever the wind takes you.”




Nowadays his modeling career is the proverbial wind at his back, but it puts him on more planes than boats, making his time on the water a cherished escape from his many, many ventures.

Besides being a model, Cooper can also add actor, musician, chef, founder of Juiceman, co-founder of WildWash, and co-owner of The Mutz Nutz to his résumé. But out at sea with his wife, Jane, and their two kids, his role of family man is the only one that matters.




As Jane puts it: “When you’re out at sea you don’t seem to have a trouble in the world. That’s your moment together, and anything else could be happening, but you’ve just got that special time. You have to cherish moments like that.” Sorry, ladies. It sounds like he found Mrs. Right.





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Alicia Rountree and Kenza Fourati know their way around a runway. Models and best friends, they regularly walk in shows at Fashion Week and jet set around the world. However, it wasn’t “the industry” that brought them together.



The duo serendipitously met at Tartinery, Alicia’s Manhattan restaurant. “We were both speaking French, although we’re not French,” explains Kenza. (She is from Tunisia, and Alicia grew up in Mauritius.) Once they began talking, they realized they had friends, trilingualism (Alicia knows English, French, and Creole, and Kenza speaks English, French, and Arabic), a love of travel, and hundreds of other things in common.



Since then they’ve been almost inseparable. “We both love to travel as much as we can,” says Kenza. And, most importantly, they love to travel together. Whether going to the shows at Art Basel in Miami, taking a road trip through California, hitting England’s Glastonbury Festival, doing photo shoots in Mexico and St Barts, or vacationing in France, they enjoy it all the more side by side. “Other people might get sick of each other…not us!” Kenza exclaims.

And thank goodness because that made our spring shoot with them even breezier.