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As we embark on Labor Day weekend, we’re excited to highlight our new Made In America collection, and share a little about the labor and soul that is put into each hand-stitched shoe.

Our Director of Men’s Footwear, Patrick Armitage, is no stranger to quality materials and exquisite design. It was only fitting that we partner with three American companies to produce a collection of exclusive, hand-sewn footwear crafted with the same standards we hold our own. From hand-crafted designs to premium leather, the collection offers a range of styles that are sure to become closet staples, and last for years to come. We caught up with Patrick to discuss the exciting range of shoes from the Harrisburg boot to the Lewiston slipper. He shared his take as to what makes this collection different from any other, and what aspects of each shoe is his favorite.



What comes to mind when a product is ‘Made in America?’

There’s something romantic about the heritage, the craftsmanship, and the artisan techniques. There was a time when these skills were passed down from parent to child. Anything we can do to keep this industry alive – it’s worth the effort. It’s like your grandmother’s recipe. It takes longer to prepare, requires finding the freshest ingredients, but the end result is so worth the effort. I completely ‘geek-out’ watching a craftsman, with two needles, hand stitch a slipper upper or the sound of a Goodyear welt machine on the factory floor…there’s nothing like it.


A lot of footwear is made in the US, how do these stand apart?

The Made in America, UGG for Men collection – are made by hand. Leather quality is essential. Every tanner has a recipe for different leathers. And when they get it right… you don’t change it!  And don’t even get me started about the smell of good leather.  I don’t have to explain this to those out there that know.


What details of this line are you particularly proud of?

There is so much effort required to stitch and last these shoes when being made by hand…it’s not an easy task. It’s hard work executed with strong, experienced hands. When you wear a pair of these shoes, you are wearing and showcasing this labor and the soul that was put into making them. Each pair is unique.  

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There’s a lot of history between the Horween Tannery, Addison Shoe Company, and the Quoddy Workshop – can you talk a little to why these partnerships are so special?

The nature of working with leather requires adjusting and manipulation that can only be done by hand. Quoddy – our partner for our Made in USA slipper collection has a great video on their site. It gives you a peek into the quality construction. Quoddy is keeping hand-sewn footwear alive and well.

Horween – in my opinion, is one of the highest quality leathers available. Horween has been creating their beautiful product generation after generation for over 100 years – since 1905.  They took the stand to never cutting corners – their focus has always been on quality… and it shows. In fact, one of the leathers we use was developed 100 years ago.

The Addison Shoe Co. has had a long history making high quality footwear. They are our source of Goodyear welted construction.  The process and quality of this type of construction will allow years of wear. The Made in America collection is very special, and it comes from combining quality materials and craftsmanship.

Can you give us a sneak peek of any upcoming new UGG for Men styles?

Sneak peek? Two innovations: Twinsole and Treadlite for UGG. You’ll need to make room in your closet.

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Meet Jack Guinness

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If Jack Guinness so desired, he could hit a different party every night. Judging by the reports in the press, the British model, DJ and columnist – recognizable by his trademark beard, dapper style and sharp wit – sometimes does just that. Often seen out and about with an arm slung around one famous friend or other, having the time of his life, he documents his escapades in his online diary.

It’s away from the flashbulbs, though, that the real Guinness emerges – where, as he says, “there’s no one to impress,” only an inner circle of we-go-way-back friends. The fun happens around Jack’s Bar, which sits front and center in his East London apartment. “It might sound like a weird idea, but it’s one of my better ones,” grins Guinness. “It’s become a big part of any night for me and my friends. When Jack’s Bar opens, that’s where friendships flourish.” Indeed – these are the moments when Guinness really relaxes, loosens his tie and settles in for what we all know is the best part of any night. “It’s just us, setting the world to rights, playing our favorite songs on repeat,” he enthuses. “I’m spending time with my favorite people in the world. What could be better than that?” Not much.

Jack Guinness

Jack Guinness





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Fall ’14 Seasonal Inspiration (part 2)

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Last week we unveiled our Inspiration for Fall ‘14: best-loved books. As promised, we’ll be featuring our favorite styles through the season, giving you the inside scoop on how these cherished stories came to life in our fall footwear. First up: The Adelaide boot. The classic silhouette took a walk on the wild side, taking cues from The Jungle Book. The boot features the mythical and feared “fire flower” – an imaginative and abstract element from the book that materialized via fierce studding. One thing’s for certain, the Adelaide will be right at home in the urban jungle this season.

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A Classic Approach

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While it’s one of our absolute favorite shoes, for obvious reasons, the Classic boot can be a bit of a challenge for guys to style. To get a fresh take for fall, we reached out to Creative Council member Marcel of One Dapper Street – and he jumped at the opportunity. As with everything he wears, the styling seems completely effortless – giving us a few easy looks to up our game this season while wearing the Classic Mini Deco.

OOTD_140810_0102Edit copy

OOTD_140810_0133Edit copy

OOTD_140810_0195Edit copy

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Corduroy is the New Black

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All of us have had a love affair with the Classic boot. It’s a trusted staple in every gal’s wardrobe. For Creative Council member, Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black, it all started with a trip abroad and a college boyfriend. A few years removed, that boyfriend is now her husband and she’s added a new classic to her arsenal of wardrobe essentials: the Classic Mini Bailey Bow … but this time in fall-perfect Corduroy.

Cheetah is the New Black

Cheetah is the New Black

Cheetah is the New Black

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