A Classic Remix

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For women, the Classic boot is an on-standby style staple. For men, however, styling the boot can be a bit daunting. Enter Marcus Troy, Creative Council member and ambassador of all things cool. We asked him and a couple of his friends to re-envision the Classic boot. The result? A dose of swagger and a lesson in styling. We have to say, the barometer has been set.

Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Marcus Troy

Photography by: Naskademini

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Meet the Gesner Family

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Harry Gesner’s life reads like an adventure novel. His chapters unfold like fiction. Widely known for his work as a world-renowned self-taught architect, who still designs at 89 and whose designs influenced the Sydney Opera House, he once turned down the chance to study with Frank Lloyd Wright. Few know that he also survived Normandy, excavated tombs in Ecuador, rubbed shoulders with the likes of Marlon Brando, and still surfs and water skis with expert -like panache.

Gesner Family

Gesner Family

But to Gesner, life’s accolades come second to shared moments with family. As Gesner puts it, “Many have inspired me in my lifetime, but the association of being in the ocean with my children, grandsons, and son Zen is a wonderful feeling. It’s really inspiring. Absolutely makes my life.”

Gesner Family

Californian to the core, Gesner is the great-great-grandson of the Spanish captain of Santa Barbara, so it’s no wonder that he feels right at home in the water. It’s in the waters of Malibu, where he’s been longboarding since the late 70’s that he connects with three generations of Gesner’s – sharing the perfect set in the sun together. The waves bring them together. Common ground. An equalizer.

Gesner Family

Gesner’s Son Zen captured this sentiment best; “My father has always been the source of inspiration for me and my boys. Seeing his connection to the ocean, it was always his place to go. Growing up, whenever there was a problem that I was having, we’d always go surfing, my father and I. It was a really special bond. A very, very special bond that we have now and I’m able to do that with my sons. We spend incredible time out there just discussing life, or nothing at all.”

Gesner Family

Gesner Family

Gesner Family

Gesner Family

We have no doubt that architect, adventurer and visionary Harry Gesner will continue to ride the wave.

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Fall ’14 Seasonal Inspiration (part 1)

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Each season we are inspired by something unique. It may be an era, a place, or a moment in history. This fall, we had a novel idea. We looked to the written word. Namely, our best-loved books. We all agreed, there’s no better escape then getting lost between the pages of a great adventure. Books have the capacity to transport us. They make us feel brave. Bold. Heroic. Alive.

Each of our designers chose a cherished novel, from Pride and Prejudice to the Catcher in the Rye, pulling a symbol that captured the spirit of the story. So take a page from our book this season. Better yet, take a walk in our shoes and find your story. You never know when your next chapter will begin.

Stay posted as we unveil the inspiration behind this season’s must-have styles.


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This Is UGG

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(Home) Sleeping In (1)

Life is generally measured in milestones. But more often than not, our biggest moments are actually our smallest. The shared moments in life spent doing what we love. Sleeping in. Playing hooky. Reconnecting with known-you-forever friends. The quiet moments when you’re allowed to be you. These are the moments that matter most. These are UGG moments.

In the next few weeks we’ll be sharing these treasured snapshots – inspired by the little moments in life that matter most. Here’s a sneak peek… more to come.

The Lookback for the week of July 21st, 2014

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In case you missed this week’s resolution for finding Summer Fun, we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite ideas and inspirations for you to browse through.

·      Have no clue how to spend these last days of summer? We’ve collaged together some rather epic adventures to take with your friends and family in our Explore board.

·       There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach curled up with a great book, and by the looks of it, Lauren Conrad feels the same way. Check out her 10 picks for the best summer reads.

·      Want to learn how to live this summer ‘hands free’? The Man Repeller shows us just how exactly to achieve such a height (In more ways than one).

Are you feeling inspired? Share your own fun ideas and tag #SummerResolutions on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or in a video or follow our Instagram and Twitter for more ideas.