Summer Resolutions: Live Alfresco

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Windows down. Music up. It doesn’t matter that the wind is making a mess out of our hair, that summer breeze just makes us happy. Let’s take advantage of the euphoric feeling that comes along with the warm weather by spending more time in it. Here are some of the ways we like to spend our summers outside.

Instead of a dinner party, host a picnic. Prepare simple sandwiches that sound fancy like fig and prosciutto or tuna niçoise. Tuck a few bottles of prosecco and a quilt into your basket, grab your Hedy wedges and a sundress, and find the best tree in the park. For a little extra magic, pack some empty mason jars. After sunset, hand them to your friends and see who can catch the most fireflies.

Stargazing is even more fun when you know what you’re looking at. Try downloading Star Chart. It’s a free app that uses your phone’s compass to find out which stars and planets are near you on a given night.

A garden adds character to any home and gives a good reason to spend more time outside. If you don’t have a secret green thumb, start with an herb garden. Some good herbs for beginners are rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, and parsley. They grow easily in most climates and will give you a good assortment of flavors to start sprucing up your meals and cocktails. If you’re nervous about getting started, visit your local home and garden store. In Santa Barbara, ours is Terra Sol. They’ll have specialists that can guide you through the process and help you work your way up to a bigger and tastier garden.

If you need a few more ideas, check out our Live Alfresco Pinterest board but if you’ve already got an idea, share it with us using #SummerResolutions to keep the spirit of summer alive (and outside!).