The Sketchbook Project

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For longer than we can remember, we have been trying to figure out how we can make our Sketchbook Project tours even better and more efficient. The idea of a book-mobile seems obvious, but when you’re dealing with thousands of pieces of artwork it takes a lot of planning. Finally, this summer we devised our dream book-mobile and got to work to make that happen.

Today, we announced our inaugural first tour, A Landmark and a Mission, with support by The Creative Council. We will bring past Sketchbook Project books that have been curated by Christopher Jobson, from Colossal, to fit the encompassing theme to Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, and Cleveland, all cities that we have never toured to and that were suggested by the Art House community.

What does this mean for the future of The Sketchbook Project? It means we will have more books out on the road, to more places, more often. Not to mention the fact that we will be able to do additional tours with books from past years that will get another chance to be seen through a new lens. We know that this will be just one of the many mobile tours that we will do going forward, and we think that is pretty awesome.

Check out this 3d mock-up of the exterior of The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library! More info to come on the future of the mobile library and The Sketchbook Project.

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