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Last year we were fortunate enough to bring you guys footage from our travels to Brazil and Angola. This year, in collaboration with Creative Council we are happy to announce that the next of our Travel Etiquette series will be in Asia. This would mark our first time in Asia. The only question left is, in what country should we make this magic happen. After much contemplating, we have narrowed it down to 7 cities/countries and have decided to leave you guys with the arduous task of deciding for us.

Travel Etiquette is a travel-focused initiative created to inspire conversation amongst people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders to discuss travel and what you discover through your own personal lens. When we started Travel Etiquette, the idea was to open ourselves to the outside world and gain new experiences and inspiration that would hopefully inspire others to do the same. Brazil and Africa went well but this time around we have a lot more insight and know how to make this feat that much greater. For this trip, the plan is to head out to one or possibly two of the places listed on a 2 week trip, have a ton of fun, eat plenty of food and meet some cool people, all while simultaneously staying in and out of trouble and grabbing as much footage as possible.

We chose these places for a number of reasons, they are on our combined bucketlist, they are for the most part economically friendly and they all seem like great places to capture wonderful, unique content.

So please help us out and give us your opinion on where we should continue  our Travel Etiquette series, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you know of any good people in the places listed who would be willing to help us out as we navigate through unfamiliar lands, please let us know.  Shoot an email to, with Travel Etiquette as the subject.


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